Midaas Films was established in 2017 with a motto “Expect More”, the main motive to give up one stop 360-degree brand solution. Specialized in TV & web Commercials, web series, Music Videos, Animation, Motion Graphics & Film Production. At Midaas Films, we have maintained a single-minded focus on creating high-quality imagery while upholding the highest production standards. We are passionate hunters of great ideas; collaborate with visionary brands, which trust us to bring their ideas to life.

Based out of Mumbai, our dynamic production house makes a great mix of commercials and Films. The core team is hugely experienced with High-end Professionals, enthusiastic writers, directors, cinematographers, editors, animators, to tell stories by using all kind of emotions. We work with a single agenda, to create things that we can be proud of – simple yet visually stunning communication; expressing the creativity that is raging inside, through the medium we love passionately; the medium we have spent years perfecting.

As a production house, our duty is to deliver the technically unequaled quality of production, while their in-depth knowledge of local economies helps them to keep a tight rein on the budget according to client’s requirements.