DIRECTOR EKLAVYA SAKPAL is a Filmmaker by Profession and a Mythologist by Passion. He started his career as a Casting & Creative Director in Indian Television industry at a very young age. Soon his unique style of touching the heart of every soul with the magic of his work made him the finest Writer, Director and a remarkable Filmmaker.

His profound knowledge about the mystic world is virtuous and one of its kind in the world which can be seen in the detailing what he does in his every work. The unusual blend of Pragmatism and Profundity is what sets him apart. His urge and passion to show the path of enlightenment by his unique concepts and work is the very reason that he has been able to touch people’s heart. One such example of his work is the most famous series “In search of God with Eklavya Sakpal” which he did for the Hollywood Studio, Spiritual​ Science.